How To Get To North Stradbroke Island


Travel north along the Pacific Highway and take the Cleveland Exit No. 30 onto Cleveland/Beenleigh-Redland Bay Road and follow the signs to Cleveland.



Head south along the Gateway Motorway, over the Gateway Toll Bridge.
Turn left into Old Cleveland Road (approximately 5 kms) from the Toll Bridge and follow the signs to Cleveland.


Vehicle Ferries

Contact Stradbroke Ferry's Main office on 07 3488 5300 to book your ferry transfers.


Trains and buses

Catch the train to Cleveland station and link up with a connecting bus to the ferries at Toondah Harbour, Cleveland (
When you arrive at Dunwich on North Stradbroke Island, the passenger ferries link with buses to Amity Point and Point Lookout – except for the last ferry at night.


passenger Ferries

Two companies Stradbroke Ferries and the Gold Cats Stradbroke Flyer run hourly between 4.55am and 7.25pm with a break from 1.55pm to 3.25pm.
Each has a separate terminal at Toondah Harbour, Cleveland and Stradbroke Ferries dock at Dunwich main terminal and the Flyer at One Mile Jetty, Dunwich.
They run at the same times but make sure you’re at the right place for your ticket!


Island Transport

Stradbroke Island Buses operate between Stradbroke Ferries at Dunwich and Gold Cats Stradbroke Flyer at the One Mile Jetty for 20 minute transfers to and from Point Lookout and Amity Point.
You can pre book club courtesy buses if you plan to eat and drink at clubs.
There is a metered maxi-taxi cab service 0408 193 685 that can take up to ten passengers.